Update 9/14/23: Find our press release announcing our $3m seed round and app launch here

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  1. How is this product relevant now in this day and age?

In this era of digital consumption, we’re giving users an easy way to feel good about the time they spend online. That’s why our app is like a ‘Duolingo for general knowledge.’ AI in education is a rapidly changing landscape, and we hope to complement that space with an app that keeps people curious.

  1. How do you hope this app will change the future of extended learning and curiosity?

Making education accessible doesn’t only mean to make it free, it also means to make it fun, so it reaches everyone. In a world of constant social media distraction, people are itching more and more for experiences that are meaningful.

  1. Why is the idea of “being a curious lifelong learner” important to you?

As the kids of teachers growing up in the European education system, both my Co-Founder and I were incredibly fortunate to experience widely accessible, free, quality education – and the impact it had on our lives. It is probably because of this, we were able to find our way from Germany to the heart of Silicon Valley more than 10 years ago.

  1. Why do you think a learning app can replace social media behavior?

By making learning casual, fun, and social, we believe we can motivate a massive audience. We’ve all been there, feeling like we are wasting precious time on social media—we strive to be the app you feel great about using.